About me

Distance bioenergetic healingRuben Isahakyan is California’s leading expert:

  • In electropuncture diagnostics
  • A treatment from a distance with use of a biofield


  • He is a member of the International Association of Integrative Medicine
  • Participant of the international conferences since 1992
  • Collaborated with the Institute of Human Brain in 1990-1991 years (USSR)
  • Cooperated with a «MediKos» company (Medicina and Kosmos) in 1990-1992 years (USSR)
  • He is the developer of a number of devices on Chinese medicine

He works in cooperation with The Altimed Company and with the International Medical Center, SmartMed (International Association of Integrative Medicine; IMC SmartMed; Scientific and Production Association «SVITOZAR»; Medical and Environmental Center DUNY).