• male-icons-hiAni, Los Angeles, California

      Prior to seeing Ruben, my daughter was having constant headaches. We tried everything including more traditional approaches. None of them seemed to work. So after a recommendation from a friend, we decided to try his services. I am so grateful to say that my daughter’s headaches have gone away and she feels much better. I feel better too knowing that my child is doing better. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND RUBEN ISAHAKYAN! Thank you.


    • male-icons-hiAnnie, Glendale, California

      Dr. Ruben was highly recommended to me by my sister and a friend. Despite the fact I was still hesitant to visit him, I was tired of seeing different doctors and practitioners, waiting long hours to be seen for 5 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised to meet Dr Ruben, first I was seen at my scheduled time, he took his time to listen to all my problems and diagnosed them correctly. I have been seeing him for the past month and he has been addressing each and every problem carefully and with great care, he even has given me permission to call him at any given time if any issue arises. I feel privileged to be one of his patients, he loves what he does and takes care of each one with tender loving care. I wish him and his family good health and him in particular to be able to continue his blessed gift of healing with all of us.


    • male-icons-hiFlora, California

      I am extremely grateful to Ruben for helping me overcome many health issues. For years I had suffered gastrointestinal issues, which he has helped me overcome. He has assisted me with lung related issues as well as helped heal my persistent heartburn. He has also assisted me in anxiety related issues. I have recommended his services to members of my family, who have also been greatly satisfied with his services. Ruben is truly a gifted individual who selflessly gives his energy and goodness to all his patients.


    • male-icons-hiNicole, San Diego, California

      Not long ago, after a terrible flu, I was suffering from excessive sweating. It felt like I was in a bathroom, taking shower. As recommended by a close friend, I called Ruben Isahakyan. He suggested that I hang up the phone and lay down for about 30 minutes. He promised he would help me. Oh my God, it took no more than 15-20 minutes for sweating to stop abruptly, as if it were cut off with a knife. It was extraordinary. Thanks a lot to this amazing person!


    • male-icons-hiRose, Glendale, California

      I was feeling terrible and restless. I sought help at a reputable hospital in Los Angles. An examination showed that I had a lump on my throat. The doctors decided to perform a biopsy and follow up with a surgery. I immediately went to see Dr. Isahakyan of whom I heard a lot. He examined me and said that he would try to prevent the surgery. After only three sessions with Dr. Isahakyan, I went through another series of tests at the same hospital performed by the same medical personnel and, based on the test results, the biopsy and surgery were canceled. I was very happy. My sincere appreciation goes to Dr. Isahakyan.


    • male-icons-hiSyuzanna Kirakosyan, Armenia, Yerevan

      Dear uncle, Big Armenian and Big Man,

      Thank you very much that YOU exist. Perhaps we didn’t ask for your help as many times as we wanted to even though we do believe and accept your exceptional method. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a good health and a huge volume of thank you letters since you helped so many people. We wish to visit you here every year, and we are proud that we have a Relative like you.


      Your close ones


    • male-icons-hiVictoria, Los Angeles, California

      I have been receiving treatment from Ruben Isahakyan for close to a decade, and will continue to put my trust in him for any and all ailments in the future. He has helped me with all sorts of issues that have arisen throughout the years, including lung related problems, severe headaches, anemia, and digestion problems. His office is prompt and courteous. They will go out of their way to accommodate your schedule. I highly recommend his services.


    • Avatar-femaleAlice, Northridge, California

      My shoulder was in so much pain. I could not sleep at night. Ruben restored my sleep and relieved shoulder pain. When I broke my arm, I called Ruben right away and he cured me. He relieves pain perfectly. Thank you!


    • Avatar-female Shura, Northridge, California

      My husband, Victor, is walking. He could not walk because of a strong pain in his lower back. Ruben came to my husband to work on his aches, because my husband could not get to his office. The results were amazing: my husband has no more pain, and has been walking for two years already. Now, if something is wrong, Ruben is the one who helps.


    • Avatar-female Raisa, Los Angeles, California

      Thank you, Ruben. You helped me maintain a quality of life. I want to remind you that I am a Doctor of Technical Sciences and I work at the University, where I have to give lectures as well. Before my lectures, I always had severe headaches. I was calling you and you were relieving my pain during our conversation over the phone. It was a miracle! Now, I don’t have headaches anymore.


    • male-icons-hi Vladimir, Los Angeles, California

      My left leg was amputated just below the knee. My other leg turned blue/black; the smell and pain were unbearable: the gangrene had started. The amputation of the leg was scheduled! I could not walk so my friend brought me to Ruben, almost dragged me to his office, on the wheel chair. It took me a long time to treat my leg; however, the gangrene was gone. Now, I can walk and drive a car! My leg was saved. I have no words to describe how happy and thankful I am to Ruben!


    • Avatar-female Vera, Santa Monica, California

      After your work with me from a distance, my pain in the left knee is almost gone (thank you!). Tonight I even took a walk for about 40 minutes. I am writing you regarding the problem that I had last time: there was something wrong with my left leg, all of a sudden it started to hurt behind the knee, I was barely walking, and I had so much pain when I was walking. As for lying position, I could not stretch the leg because of unbearable pain. As usual, I was hoping that you can help even though I could not come to you. And it worked!

      Best regards,



    • Avatar-female Marina, Moscow, Russia

      Hello Ruben Rafaelovich! Today, Gera and me went to a veterinary clinic to take some tests for the second time. The results were perfect!!! Gera is a dog that you cured from a distance, and a story about it was on The View show. I am very thankful to you for a treatment and attentiveness! I could not even imagine that it’s possible without medication. Besides it was impossible to visit you with the dog. I am very grateful to our friends (who are also your patients) that they recommended me to you, and that you agreed to a treatment from a distance, from Los Angeles to Moscow. When I told our veterinarian how you helped us, she was amazed. Can I give her your phone number so that she could contact you and you could work together? And again, thank you very much!!! I wish you good luck and success!!! With respect and gratitude,

      Marina Anatolievna Rizhnikova

      Elite Grand Monte poodles’ breeding kennel (www.golddog.ru)


    • male-icons-hi Max, Archangelsk, Russia

      Hello Ruben! I apologize for writing you again, but my cat and I had a catastrophic situation. Lab tests showed a high level of creatinine in urine that exceeded the norm six times. The cat could not be saved. It was like a family member to us. Of course you did everything possible on your end and we on ours. Thank you very much for your understanding and warmth. You are a good man; it’s rare nowadays. My brother and I would love to devote all our time to a bioenergetic treatment of animals and people because the official medicine is practically can’t help. What can you suggest, how can we develop our bioenergetic potential? Is it possible for you to teach us personally? Let me know how much do I owe you for a complete work. I will send you money soon. With respect and gratitude,



    • Avatar-female Lena, New York, NY

      Ruben, I called you right after it happened to my husband, Borya. On the morning, he suddenly fell in the bathroom and could not move. With help of my neighbor, I put him on a bed and called you right away for help. Thank you for your immediate response. After your work from a distance, he got better by evening: he could move a little bit. Now, he can walk! Boris is thankful to you from the bottom of his heart. God bless you for your extraordinary ability and kindness.


    • male-icons-hiDavid, Glendale, California

      I almost fainted because of pain in my kidneys. The doctors that I have stones in the kidneys. I was in the emergency room for two days. I asked Ruben for help. He worked from a distance to lessen my pain, and it was almost gone. Thus, I was transferred from emergency room to the surgical department. When they made a preoperational X-Ray, they could not find anything, so the surgery was cancelled. I came to him to say thank you and brought him a copy of initial medical diagnosis and a copy of conclusion to cancel an operation. Thank you very much Ruben!


    • Avatar-female Irina, Denver, Colorado

      When I came to the United States, I was disabled: I could barely move my hands and barely walk. Ruben made me mobile again! I can easily walk and move my hands as I please. Ruben is a gift to the world!


    • Avatar-female Marina, North Hollywood, California

      While I was a director of the Medical Center, I heard about Ruben’s abilities from my patients. Not long ago, my blood pressure went up extremely fast and I could barely talk. I’ve decided to call Ruben and ask him to help me. He asked me to lie down for thirty minutes until he was working on my problem. Approximately, in forty minutes I felt much better. I checked my blood pressure: it went down drastically. I called to thank him. Thank you, Ruben!


    • male-icons-hi Igor, Santa Monica, Houston, Moscow

      I was lucky to meet Dr. Ruben Isahakyan in the early 90s in Los Angeles during a fairly hard time of my life. After just a short conversation, Ruben accurately diagnosed my health issues. A few sessions with Ruben relieved the symptoms I had experienced daily for several previous months. What’s more important, for the first time in a long time I was able go to sleep without difficulty and wake up without feeling tired. I did not pay much attention to that at first, but shortly after meeting Ruben I got a job teaching at one of the University of California campuses, and later received a scholarship to the UCLA. I eventually left California to pursue an interesting career, but the friendship with Ruben remained an important part of my life. In the last couple of years, I was diagnosed with a relatively serious medical condition. Once again, I’ve had a chance to see that Ruben’s unique gift does not recognize Earth boundaries. After remote treatment sessions, being in different time zones with Ruben, I always felt the result. Treatments with water were especially effective. Thank you Ruben! Let God preserve your unique gift.


    • male-icons-hiArous M, Los Angeles, California

      I first met Ruben Isahakyan in 1995, when I was referred to him for the treatment of my carpal tunnel syndrome, which was the first step towards the diagnosis and treatment of various other health issues. At the time, I was not familiar with the world of alternative medicine. Since then I have successfully overcome a long list of illnesses, including, but not limited to: depression, a benign tumor, anemia, excruciating back pain and osteoporosis. Not only has Dr. Isahakyan assisted me personally, he has also treated several of my family members and friends, with such issues as alcoholism, lung related issues, severe PMS symptoms and infertility, just to name a few. He is an expert in the application of bioenergy and acupuncture, and uses state of the art newly developed equipments. He also prescribes a specially formulated bioenergy based water to accompany the treatment, on a need basis. Dr Isahakyan is a devoted, dedicated and extremely hard working individual who goes out of his way to deliver utmost excellence to all his patients. No amount of words can express my most sincere gratitude toward everything that he has done for me and my family. I can only continue to pray for his and his family’s well-being, as I have already been doing for the length of time I’ve known him.


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